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Note: Whatever the current status of this product is we don’t provide refunds and guarantee updates. Please read our Terms & Conditions first and if you have any questions please contact us on Skype: TV.MODS or mail: [email protected] , before placing an order. Also, we aren’t responsible for limitations on 3rd party sources as our products don’t bypass any type of limitation.

Product Description: Theme WordPress Movies and TV Shows GooVID – is the best WordPress theme for movie and series content, it has a powerful tool that will help you to add the data with just 1 click.

Main Features:
Native WordPress code.

Clean and tidy design.

Responsive design , adaptable to any resolution.

Adapted for SEO .

Settings for APP Facebook to edit comments.

Optimized Load, in minify .

Post Type's Movies, TVShows, Seasons, Epiosodes.

Theme options, total control framework .

Change theme color with one click,

IMDb / TMDb API , to generate data.

Auto embeds movies plugin (optional)

TMDb API , Seasons Builder.

Multi-player system for video streaming.

Favorite content.

Duplicate content detector

Custom registration form and login.

In GooVID Beyond a clean and orderly theme, it is a tool to generate very powerful content, its configuration is simplified very apart from having an endless number of options that will give you absolute control of your website, without having to touch a single line of code.