The Surprising MCU Character Who Might Be A Big Part Of Phase 4

September 10, 2017     goovid    

[ad_1] James Gunn was in attendance at the Hasbro HasCon (via MCU Exchange) when, while at his panel, someone asked him if Half-World (Rocket’s home-planet in the comics) could make an appearance in a future movie. Obviously, Gunn isn’t going to give away much, but he did say that the MCU will likely do Rocket’s origin a different way than the comics. He did say that we will eventually learn more about…    read more 

New Blade Runner 2049 Scene Reveals Something Special About The Future

September 10, 2017     goovid    

[ad_1] There is still a swath of mystery surrounding Blade Runner 2049, but the first clip of the movie does offer one interesting tidbit about the future. [ad_2] Source link

IT Box Office: September Records Get Mauled By Pennywise The Dancing Clown

September 10, 2017     goovid    

[ad_1] Anticipation for director Andres Muschietti’s IT has been boiling for weeks now, but in the past three days audiences showed Hollywood just how hungry they were for this new Stephen King adaptation. [ad_2] Source link